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The stakes are pretty high for enterprises, incremental growth can mean millions in revenue. The technical considerations are far more complex as well making enterprise SEO tricky and requires a lot of expertise to do well. Our team has worked with enterprises from CARFAX, Well.ca, Cooperator’s Group and many more to deliver content and technical recommendations often working directly with your development team to seamlessly deliver good results quickly.

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What is
Enterprise SEO

Much like SMB SEO, enterprise level SEO can be broken down into three main pillars:

  1. Technical SEO: This is where your tech stack comes into play, how your content interacts and is delivered through your CMS, Single Page Applications, logged in versus non-logged in state, REACT and Angular frameworks all matter to search engines. Further, indexibility, redirect chains, and internationalization matters when looking at enterprise technical SEO. Getting this right can make or break a large enterprise level site.
  2. Content: Being the right answer for your users matters immensely. Figuring out the information architecture and how not to compete with yourself for ranks can be challenging for large scale sites with thousands of pages. Enterprise content comes down to good silo’ing and clean architecture.
  3. Authority: Figuring out how you compare with your competitors on authority tells you how much effort you need to put behind your PR and content work. Digital PR and engaging partners is a great way to build this.

Enterprise Level
SEO Engagements

Enterprise SEO typically take on a few forms:

  • Growth Retainers: This is where we look for continuous, repeatable growth with your brand. We do continuous monitoring and adapt to market forces to deliver new recommendations and work every month to keep you growing.
  • Risk Mitigation Retainers: Often SEO engagements at enterprise level can be just to mitigate risk. We are brought into the marketing plan or projects to help mitigate the risk of IT/product based work to ensure you maintain your traffic levels as your site grows. 
  • Site Migration Projects: When transforming your digital or migrating to a new CMS or site structure, having a good technical SEO team work alongside you can help you maintain or even grow traffic during site migrations. 


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