Training for Corporate Teams

Data and analytics training for your employees can help to drive significant growth and efficiencies while increasing the skill-sets of your team to be more leveraged in today’s business setting.

By leveraging data in your company through effective project and client account management, your teams will be able to demonstrate value and grow critical client account revenue more efficiently.

Delta growth provides training for corporate teams in the areas of data/analytics, digital project management, account management, data for business intelligence (BI), and digital marketing.

Identifying key insights through data will help to surface new opportunities for your business as well as your clients’ businesses. We can assist in training team members to identify areas of the business which can be measured, tracked and leveraged for business intelligence through the use of data analysis.

Corporate training is available in various formats for teams of any size. Each module is typically covered over a period of a few weeks, and can be coordinated based on the schedules of your team members and departments.

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Trainer Bio

Troy has providing training services since 2013 for Powered by Search. He spent almost two years teaching HackerYou’s part time SEO course and well as multiple workshops, including all day Google Analytics workshops.

Troy’s trainings have since informed the digital marketing strategy for Tastic Marketing, and GALE Partners.

Troy’s Experience & Certifications

  • Troy is the Founder of Delta Growth, a Toronto-based Digital Marketing Training Services provider.
  • 5 years of professional experience in Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Google AdWords & Google Analytics Certified.
  • 6 years of professional experience working in the IT and web industry, including working as a Senior Enterprise SEO Specialist and Team Leader.
  • 5 years of professional experience in marketing, in various roles.
  • 5+ years of Data driven Account management for Enterprise Clients
  • 6+ years of Digital Project management Experience