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Email & Marketing Automation Services & Consulting in Toronto

Marketing automation lets you give your customers what they want when they want it. We help design, build, and launch marketing automation for a variety of platforms and industries.

Our Approach

We’re platform agnostic, we don’t specialize in anything but how best to communicate with your clients or customers. We’ve got extensive experience in a variety of platforms and industries that allow us to add expertise to most projects. We typically start with a discovery process to identify your personas, technical stack, trigger options, and complete buyer’s journey. From there we work to help you map your segments, lists, and frequencies for communications to help build out the best possible marketing automation system for your business.

Price Packages

We work with projects to revamp your systems entirely, consulting for when you just need a little help, or monthly retainers if you need a turn key service.


Our marketing automation projects help map and rebuild your marketing automation to suit your buyer’s personas, customer lifecycle, and brand messaging.

  • Persona Identification
  • Marketing Funnel Mapping
  • Communication Design
  • Email Templates


We offer blocks of 10 hours where you can speak with a consultant and have them answer any questions you might have and assist you with unblocking your execution.

  • Direct Access to a Specialist
  • Transparent Use of Hours
  • Documentation Review


This is scoped to your needs where we help you on a monthly basis with strategy, execution, and measurement. We work hand in hand with you every step of the way.

  • Strategy Presentation with Updates
  • Design and Execution
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Team

What Our Clients Think

Delta Growth have been amazing partners of CARFAX Canada for several years and are a true extension of our marketing team. From managing analytics, optimizing conversion, and increasing traffic, DG has played a key role in developing our organic growth strategy. Their forward-thinking and transparent approach to digital marketing has continually delivered strong results.

Ala-Dean Naghmoush, Digital Marketing Manager

Delta Growth has been a big part of our growth strategy since our public launch in 2017. From managing our digital paid programs, to optimizing our business for conversion and organic growth, to enhancing our customer analytics, they’ve taken the lead on our digital marketing efforts. Our direct-to-consumer business has grown exponentially over the years thanks to our strong partnership with DG.

Roxana Zaman, Co-Founder at Maple

Delta Growth has been an essential component in extending our lean team’s repertoire by helping us plan and manage our paid media in driving funnel volume. They provide us strong strategic & tactical support with regular performance reporting, quick responses to requests, and deftly implementing changes. Smart people and easy to work with!

JJ Beh, Head of Growth & Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Email and marketing automation is any kind of automated outgoing communications response to triggers, such as an inquiry, a product search, a subscription request, or other action that triggers an opportunity to know more about the individual customer. As a result of that trigger, you can send targeted content or advertising based on what you know about them. While a majority of automation is done by email, it can also include other channels such as text or digital ads on websites.

When done well, it allows businesses to show people things they will actually be interested in. The key to successful email and marketing automation lies in your ability to change your marketing approach based on the person’s behavior.

Contact Us

Reach out with any questions you might have, we’re always happy to “talk shop” about marketing.