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Delta Growth believes that not all marketing needs to be manual and that consumer’s actions can trigger the right communications from the brand that applies to them. We’ve developed an extensive marketing automation practice that delivers real, ongoing measurable results for our clients.

We work in numerous platforms including Active Campaign, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, MailChimp and many more. We are tech agnostic when it comes to marketing automation, selecting the right one for you takes care and effort.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be very complex. Managing list design, triggers, segmentations, tags, and split testing can be quite a workload. Our approach is to walk before you can run by identifying the highest return campaigns first and layering in testing and complexity over time. This helps you be confident at every step of the journey while watching the revenue come in.

Typical campaign types:

  • Abandoned Cart Campaigns
  • Product Review Requests
  • Lead Nurture Campaigns
  • Lifecycle Management Campaigns
  • Onboarding Campaigns
  • Segmentation Campaigns

Market Automation

So what exactly does Delta Growth’s SEO services look like? How can you work with us? Well, there are two ways:

Migration and Set Up Projects

This is a common request. Sometimes your existing email or marketing automation platform does have the feature set you need to grow or doesn’t handle contacts in the right ways. Transitioning to a new platform seamlessly can be difficult and expensive not to mention fraught with potential errors. We help make it easy with workbacks, requirements gathering, testing, and helping set up the integrations you need to make your platform work.


Think of this as something more turn-key. We start by looking at how to grow your existing list and move into driving revenue from it. We help you create, test, and optimize campaigns ongoing for you consistently looking to drive more revenue from your list. We report monthly on results and produce a dashboard so you can track progress up to the minute.