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Delta Growth

Delta Growth is a Toronto based search engine optimization company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality consultancy services to aggressive startups, mid-size companies and enterprises such as Maple Online Doctors and CARFAX Canada.

We provide you with the best SEO services in Toronto. Our consultants develop a strategy with you, execute and analyze the results to create a dependable and repeatable marketing process. We believe everything in SEO should be measurable and we should always be accountable to revenue and growth.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most flexible agencies in Toronto that offer affordable SEO packages. Our excellence is built upon our ability to work closely with clients to deliver: transformative growth, satisfaction and return on investment.



We believe that SEO requires a strong technical backbone as well as a clear understanding of consumer behaviour. We create out SEO strategies by leveraging all three pillars of SEO:

  • Authority: How important you are in the eyes of a search engine. Most often understood as backlink profiles and brand mentions, it is a little more complex than that. Authority is measurable and can be influenced without “cheating”. Good, honest outreach and PR efforts can get you where you need to be compared to your competitors. We can work with PR partners, your marketing teams, or directly with you to help build authority.
  • Technical: Technical SEO is how easily your website can be read by a robot since it’s a robot that will read your site first. This type of SEO work is broad in its scope, encompassing everything from code quality to server configurations, and tech stack analysis. Our team works with big brands and small often integrating with product teams to deliver the most efficient recommendations.
  • Content: This is where the rubber meets the road. You can’t rank for a query without mentioning the concept. Content is where we decide what we are targeting and we do this by deep keyword research organized by “user intents” rather than just keyword volumes. This allows us to capture the right traffic that will lead to revenue or lead growth rather than simply getting more traffic by spamming keywords.


So what exactly does Delta Growth’s SEO services look like? How can you work with us? Well, there are two ways:


This can be a technical audit to help identify major or minor issues that are preventing traffic or identifying why traffic dropped on the site. We can also do content recommendations for specific amounts of pages as a project as well. If you’re not ready to do a retainer and want SEO to “prove itself”, sometimes a project is the best place to start.


SEO often has a lot of long term opportunities, so we work most often on a retainer basis. We work with you long term here to hit your marketing goals creating strategies that stretch our six months or more. These retainers can leverage all our services and are not limited just to SEO so you can use it for analytics, marketing automation, or more. You get monthly reporting, a dedicated account manager, and access to our whole team who deliver your recommendations.