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SEO Services & Consulting in Toronto

Get new traffic, new leads, and more revenue with SEO.

What our clients think

Delta Growth have been amazing partners of CARFAX Canada for several years and are a true extension of our marketing team. From managing analytics, optimizing conversion, and increasing traffic, DG has played a key role in developing our organic growth strategy. Their forward-thinking and transparent approach to digital marketing has continually delivered strong results.

Ala-Dean Naghmoush, Digital Marketing Manager

Delta Growth has been a big part of our growth strategy since our public launch in 2017. From managing our digital paid programs, to optimizing our business for conversion and organic growth, to enhancing our customer analytics, they’ve taken the lead on our digital marketing efforts. Our direct-to-consumer business has grown exponentially over the years thanks to our strong partnership with DG.

Roxana Zaman, Co-Founder at Maple

Delta Growth has been an essential component in extending our lean team’s repertoire by helping us plan and manage our paid media in driving funnel volume. They provide us strong strategic & tactical support with regular performance reporting, quick responses to requests, and deftly implementing changes. Smart people and easy to work with!

JJ Beh, Head of Growth & Marketing

Our Clients

We’ve got a wide array of clients we’ve helped grow through SEO, from healthcare to automotive. Reach out if you have any questions on what we did to bring these companies success in search.


A little background on SEO…

In simple terms, key search engine optimization is about trying to rank as the best answer on a Google search. SEO rankings are based on three core concepts:

  1. How Google perceives your website as a subject matter authority. By way of a simple example, If Barack Obama was to write a similar blog to what you posted, he would outrank yours in Google’s eyes based on his perceived authority.
  2. How easily your website can be read by robots. Remember, there is no real person deciding how to index sites. You need to spend the time and effort to ensure your code is clean, your site is “healthy” (e.g. fast loading speeds, error-free, proper indexing), and the content is relevant.
  3. The quality of your content relative to a search query. When building your SEO strategy, you need to prioritize what questions you want answered with your content and tailor content to increase your ranking.

One final note, relying solely on keywords is never an effective SEO strategy. While keywords do play a role in SEO, search engines can quickly identify keyword stuffing. At the end of the day, you can’t cheat your way into buying links.

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Have a big or small question about SEO? Looking for the best approach to get more traffic to your site? Feel free to reach out and ask, we’re always here to help.