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Delta Growth is a Toronto based digital marketing agency. We deliver paid social ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as niche platforms. We create the strategy, the creative briefs, the targeting, and manage the ads ongoing to ensure we deliver the right messaging to the right consumer. 

Social ads occupy a unique space, you’re not always hitting the user when they have an intent to purchase like a paid search ad. That means in order to produce a great return on ad spend, you need to understand the consumer you are targeting on a deeper level. Our approach to that is a little different…

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Our Paid Social

We start by identifying the personas we want to target through research into your existing customer base, target markets, and potentially viable psychographics. From there we assess if there is a market large enough to validate our creative and if they are likely to convert based on our research. We accomplish this through research tools, lookalike audiences and drawing from your internal data. This is our discovery phase.

From here we move into our briefing phase where we apply the psychographics and interests we are have identified and combine them with your brand’s visual language to create a brief to build our ads. These briefs include all the specs, requirements, and copy necessary to run ads with our social platform of choice.

Lastly, after approvals, we deploy, optimize and test. We run funnel stage tests, A/B/n tests on copy and creative, and deliver ongoing recommendations for new targets and campaign ideas. In the end we want every campaign to be profitable. Ask yourself, if your current campaigns are running well, shouldn’t you feel comfortable increasing the budget? If not, you may need to look at your approach.

Paid Social

So what exactly does Delta Growth’s Paid services look like? How can you work with us? Well, there are two ways:

Set Up

Campaigns can be a lot of effort to set up, sometimes our clients just ask us to get things running for them like in the case of remarketing campaigns. We can assist in setting up the campaigns for your team but remember, they need constant monitoring and rework to be successful long term. Paid social is not a set-and-forget.


This is our most common engagement since ads take time and effort as well as creative refreshes. We need to manage the ads on a consistent every day basis to deliver the best results. You get a live dashboard to watch us deliver results up to the minute. Ask us how these look for your business.