Delta Growth chose its four core services out of a simple thought experiment. Which digital marketing channels would you need to invest in to build any successful business? We came up with:

  1. Search Engine Optimization, because most successful businesses lean on this as their highest ROI, long term channel.
  2. Paid Advertising, because this is the second most valuable channel for businesses of any size and can ramp up quickly.
  3. Email & Marketing Automation, because nurturing and creating advocates out of your customers has a huge impact on revenue.
  4. User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimization, because most websites are designed without data, and not optimized at all which leaves your customers struggling to work with you.

Then we sat down and started to think through those channels. What are the table stakes for each channel, for different sizes of business? If you’re a medium sized-business, what must you be doing in order for a digital marketing specialist not to think you’re behind the curve? How about an enterprise? This flow chart was the outcome of that process. It’s still actively being tweaked but at this point I need to share it for the sake of just getting it out there.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to write out the individual reasoning behind each point in the future. For now, I’d love your feedback!

Click for the full sized image.